Coffeeway Milestones

1994: The launch of the Coffeeway brand begins with the opening of our first specialty coffee shop in Athens (Greece), which introduced consumers to the wonderful world of coffee. Since then, through our experience and expertise, we continue to choose for you the finest coffees, to create exceptional and unique blends and to offer you the largest collection of flavored coffees.


2017: Coffeeway brand is placed in supermarkets in Greece, with a premium range of flavored filter coffees, which soon stood out for their innovative combinations of flavorings.


2018: We launched 2 Coffeeway classic filter coffees. That same year, Vanilla-Hazelnut and Morning Blend filter coffees won the Superior Taste Award from the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi).


2019: Our product collection grows, with the addition of 5 premium Coffeeway espresso capsules which stand out for the high aesthetics of their packaging and for their innovation: Espresso capsules in 2 flavors (vanilla, caramel) and water decaf espresso for coffee pleasure without compromise in taste.


2020: Our classic filter coffee City Blend 450g is launched. It is the quality yet value for money proposal of Coffeeway for heavy users of filter coffee and for offices.


2021: Our Caramel espresso capsules are awarded the Superior Taste Award from the International Taste Institute, while our Vanilla-Hazelnut and Morning Blend filter coffees are awarded this award, once again!


2022: Coffeeway reintroduces itself to consumers, with new logo and new packaging visuals. Alongside its new brand identity, it launches 2 innovative product lines: Home compostable espresso capsules and filter coffee in single serve coffeebags.

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